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Be a leader; create followers

Currently there is a lot of discussion around the problem of finding talent. Everyone I talk to has vacancies within their business that they are struggling to fill.

With every business in the same position, there is one thing that every business owner can start doing today to give them a point of difference and that is to create a team of followers.

Followers will help your business by:

💥 Providing excellent customer service - Going the extra mile for you and your customers

💥 Increasing sales and profit – productivity will soar when everyone is included in the journey.  

💥 Improving staff retention and recruitment – valued staff will stay and entice other talent to come and work with them.

Research shows that the top four things followers want from their workplace are:

⭐  Trust

⭐  Compassion

⭐  Stability

⭐  Hope

As a leader, think about implementing these things in your business. They will enable staff to feel valued and that they have a place where they belong and as such will become followers.

⚡ Set out your Business Vision and Values – get people excited about the journey.

⚡ Hire people who share these values. Remember, skills can be learnt but values are ingrained – they are reflected in our behaviour.

⚡ Hire for diversity – do not discriminate by age, gender, ethnicity, personality type or anything else. Different backgrounds and perspectives lead to a variety of ideas, knowledge, and ways of doing things.

⚡ Reflect your company values in all policies and live them.

⚡  Be aware – know your personal strengths and know your peoples’ strengths. How do you all fit together as a team so that everyone is utilizing their natural talent to the max?

⚡  Listen to your staff, regularly. Ask their opinion, always.

⚡  Set a target – both individually and as a team; Make the targets visible so everyone knows what is trying to be achieved. Hold everyone accountable.

⚡ Empower staff – let them take actions and make decisions that are in line with your company vision and values.

⚡ Provide innovative and attractive workspaces.

⚡ Offer support and provide flexibility around work hours and locations by recognizing that everyone’s circumstances are different.  

⚡  Provide professional development and training in all areas – not only skill based but include wellbeing and team building.

⚡  Celebrate wins and differences


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