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Peace of mind, a growing business, and improved lifestyle

Improving financial performance has led to peace of mind, a growing business and an improved lifestyle. 

Living the dream | Business Advisor

Since 2017, Pukekohe Hiab Transport has worked with Helen Laidlaw to turn business performance around and take the pressure off the company's owners Craig and Janine Morris. Implementing systems and processes within the business has had a positive impact on the financial performance of Pukekohe Hiab Transport and has given Craig and Janine peace of mind and the confidence to live the lifestyle they want.

Background: Making Freight Logistics Easy Since 2005

Pukekohe Hiab Transport (PHT) was established in 2005 after Founder Craig Morris noticed an opportunity due to the apparent lack of Hiabs based in the Franklin, Auckland area. Craig enlisted the help of a friend who had previously operated a Hiab business in the area and they started with just one truck. Over the years, PHT has gradually expanded to four Hiab trucks and one tractor unit to tow their flat deck trailers.

A trusted advisor to help you move forward

In 2017, Janine Morris, co-owner of PHT received a call asking her if she would like to arrange a time to speak with a business advisor. Initially, she declined as the business already had an accountant. However, after it was explained that an accountant works with you on the year that has been, and a business advisor works with you on the year ahead, Janine decided it was worth the time.

“We needed someone to help us moving forward in the business. Our accountant had just told us we couldn’t have another year like the one we’d just had but we didn’t know what we needed to do moving forward,” Janine says.

“Craig is good at running the business operations and I’m good at the administrative side of the business, but we didn’t understand the financial side, nor how a clearly defined strategy could help us achieve our goals.”

That’s where Helen Laidlaw came in.

Creating a plan to grow the business

Helen sat down with PHT owners Craig and Janine to discuss their current issues, their future business and lifestyle goals, and analysed their past financial performance. Helen created a plan to implement systems and processes that would make doing business radically easier and identified key opportunities in the business that would enable profitable growth.

Janine found the process very helpful, explaining “it takes the pressure off when you have the support of someone like Helen.”

“Helen had the confidence and knowledge we lacked but desperately needed,” she says.

Helen has also worked with Craig to explain some of the financial aspects of the business.

Janine laughs, “And he actually gets it!”

From daily financial struggles to a profitable, growing business

When Pukekohe Hiab Transport first began working with Helen, they were struggling financially. Through analysing their revenue streams, understanding their costs, implementing budgets and daily cashflow forecasts, Janine and Craig were able to turn things around and make the business profitable. Over the past four years, they have been able to double their turnover and 11X their net profit.

Greater opportunities and improved lifestyle

With their business thriving, Janine and Craig are now in the process of building a new home.

Janine says they would never have undertaken this project before, or they would have been quite nervous to do so.

“Helen has given us the confidence to do it. We aren’t as stressed about finances anymore.”

Easing the pressure and loneliness of owning a business

Janine and Craig know all too well how lonely and overwhelming it can feel being in business. Working with Helen has provided them with, not only, mentorship and understanding of their business, but also much needed support.

"We just don't feel alone anymore. We can run all sorts of things past Helen." Janine explains.

More than an advisor, like a friend who is part of the team

Over the years, Janine and Craig have continued to have regular meetings with Helen to discuss what is happening in the business and identify key opportunities. Janine says, “It’s so helpful having someone who helps you know what you can do or can’t do, saying yes or no.”

“Helen is like a friend who understands our business. She works with us promptly and always has her finger on the pulse – she knows what is going on in our business.”

“We think of her as part of the team. It has been an excellent experience having Helen on the team. I just can’t imagine our business without her. Whenever she goes on holiday, I tell her to bubble wrap herself!”

Key Outcomes & Wins

  • Confidence to grow the business
  • Reduced stress and improved lifestyle
  • Support for day-to-day business challenges
  • Increased sales by 100%
  • 11X net profit
  • Identified key opportunities
  • Implemented and Improved systems and processes to enable profitable growth
  • Created accurate monthly financial reports and KPI’s


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