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Free up time to focus on expansion

Implementing simple systems and processes reduces stress and frees up time to focus on business expansion.

Business Expansion | Business Advisor

Since 2020, Facetime Skin Clinic has worked with Helen Laidlaw to identify key opportunities for improvement as well as understand and manage the business’s finances. Implementing systems and processes within the business has had a positive impact on the financial performance of Face Time Skin Clinic, while reducing Business Manager Michael Gladding’s stress and freeing up his time to focus on expansion.

Background: The experts in the Beauty Industry

Facetime Skin Clinic is a boutique skincare clinic and beauty centre located in Mairangi Bay. Specialising in all things skin, Facetime Skin Clinic offers treatments to reverse premature skin aging as well as managing problematic skin. They have a range of facials and skin treatments such as corrective peels, dermal skin needling and light therapy, as well as classic beauty services. 

An established business looking to grow

In May 2020, Facetime Skin Clinic’s Business Manager Michael Gladding secured funding to work with a business advisor. The family business was well-known for its friendly, professional expertise and outstanding cosmetic results their customers' experience, but Michael wanted to gain a better understanding of the business financially.

“I was looking for someone who could point out where things were going well and what areas we could improve on,” Michael says.

Michael felt the clinic was not yet achieving its full potential, but he didn’t know where to focus improvement efforts.

"We had money coming into the business, but we didn't understand where it was coming from or where it was coming out."

That’s where Helen Laidlaw came in.

Creating a plan to achieve results

The first step was to understand Facetime Skin Clinic’s current challenges and business goals. Next, Helen sat down with Michael to create a plan together to achieve Facetime Skin Clinic’s goals.

The plan focused on:                                                                 

  • Improving systems and processes to enable profitable growth.
  • Identifying key opportunities.
  • Creating accurate monthly financial reports and KPIs.

Accountability, support, and a sounding board to achieve goals fast

Throughout the implementation phase, Michael and Helen had regular meetings to discuss his progress and hold him accountable. These regular meetings provided an opportunity for Michael to receive help, support, and advice to overcome any challenges he was facing.

It also allowed Helen to act as a sounding board for any ideas or decisions Michael was considering which he found very helpful. Michael explains, “It’s quite nice having to relay everything to someone who will then give you their honest opinion as to whether you should carry it out or not.”

Sales and net profit up, stress down.

While Facetime Skin Clinic has increased sales by 10% and achieved 12x their net profit, Michael says the biggest benefit has been the reduced stress.

“Working with Helen has taken a lot of stress out of the financial side of the business. It has freed up my time so I can concentrate on other areas such as expansion.”

With systems in place to control and manage finances, Facetime Skin Clinic is now able to understand the impact of their business decisions and identify key opportunities for profitable growth.

“Helen’s systems are fantastic. We can now analyse our financials so that we can see what we should be doing in the business,” Michael says.

A personable business advisor who is there for you, anytime

The relationship you have with your business advisor is a defining factor of the success you will be able to achieve.

Michael says, “What stood out to me the most about working with Helen was how personable she is. It doesn’t matter if you ask questions that you think might be silly, she’ll answer them. We know we can contact Helen anytime and she will always reply - maybe not with an answer straight away but to let us know she will get back to us.”

He adds, “I’d definitely recommend working with Helen.”

Key Outcomes & Wins

  • Reduced stress and increased support
  • Freed up time to focus on business expansion
  • Support for day-to-day business challenges
  • Increased sales by 10%
  • 12X net profit
  • Identified key opportunities
  • Implemented and improved systems and processes to enable profitable growth
  • Created accurate monthly financial reports and KPIs


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