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Why I don't work with Startups

As a business advisor, my primary goal is to help businesses transition from a phase of hands-on management to one where they can operate efficiently with established systems and processes. Over the years, I've found my niche in working with established businesses that have a proven business model. These businesses are typically owned by sole shareholders or husband-and-wife teams and have a dedicated team of around four or more employees.

You might wonder why I choose not to work with startups. It’s not because I don't value their passion or potential; in fact, startups are the lifeblood of innovation and the economy. However, the nature of startups is such that they face unique challenges that differ significantly from those of established businesses. Here are a few reasons why my focus remains on the latter:

Proven Business Models

Established businesses have already navigated the turbulent waters of early-stage growth. They have identified their target market, refined their product or service, and generated a consistent revenue stream. This proven business model is a critical foundation for implementing the strategic systems and processes I specialise in. Startups, on the other hand, are often still experimenting with their business model and may pivot several times before finding their niche.

Ready for Systemisation

The businesses I work with have reached a stage where the owner(s) recognize the need to transition from working in the business to working on the business. They understand their growth potential but may be struggling with how to systemise their operations to achieve this next level. Startups typically do not yet have the established operations or consistent processes that can be systemised, as they are still in the stage of defining and refining their workflows.

Focus on Strategic Growth

Established business owners are often at a point where they need to make strategic decisions about scaling, delegating, and optimising their operations. They have a stable base from which to work and can invest the necessary time and resources into strategic planning and execution. Startups, however, are often focused on survival and immediate growth, seeking investors, and validating their product or service in the market. Their priorities are vastly different, and the time and resources required for strategic systemisation may not be available.

Time and Resource Allocation

One of the key aspects of my work is helping business owners allocate their time and resources effectively. Established businesses have the bandwidth to invest in these strategic shifts. Startup owners, conversely, are usually stretched thin, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, and may not yet have the luxury of focusing on long-term systemisation.

Tailored Expertise

My expertise lies in helping businesses that have already built a solid foundation and are ready to take the next step towards operational excellence. By focusing on established businesses, I can offer tailored advice and solutions that directly address their specific needs and challenges. Startups require a different set of skills and support, often related to initial market entry, rapid growth tactics, and securing funding, which are not my primary areas of expertise.

While startups are exciting and full of potential, my passion and expertise lie in helping established businesses grow to their full potential through effective systemisation and strategic planning. If you’re a startup founder, I commend your drive and determination, and I encourage you to seek out advisors and mentors who specialise in the unique challenges of the startup journey.

For those established business owners ready to take their operations to the next level, get in touch so that I can help you navigate that path with confidence and clarity.

I’ll set up a zoom and get to know more about your business!

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